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Anti-theft Tags

SSDW – Single Strand Deactivatable Wire developed by MXT Canada (MXT is an R&D company that specializes in magnetic applications) has combined the detection material and deactivating material into one element significantly reducing the cost of deactivatable Electromagnetic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security labels.

Before the advent of SSDW, deactivatable labels for anti theft applications were constructed by placing separate deactivation material pieces on top of the signal material used to create an alarm within security gates.

SSDW eliminates the necessity of applying deactivation material, and minimizes the amount of non-magnetic material required to produce an adhesive label without restricting the speed of conversion. Today SSDW is the lowest cost tag, however the cost of SSDW will continue to go down as speed of conversion catches up.

63mm length of signal material is the standard and is compatible with most EM systems installed worldwide.

Due to the inherent nature of SSDW, a unique applicator has been developed called CFA (conversion free applicator) the first ever hand-labeling system that eliminates the necessity of converting signal material into a tag prior to being dispensed automatically or manually. CFA dispenses 61 mm lengths of signal material directly on to any products in one operation. An industrial size CFA is in development for source applications.

SSDW’s unique features are cost and invisibility; it is the least costly and least visible deactivatable tag available.

EM applications: High volume, varied product, small product and hard goods.

Hypermarkets – Supermarkets – Bookstores – Pharmaceutical – Do-It-Yourself – All types of specialty - …

Compatible gate manufacturers: Checkpoint-Meto, Sensormatic, Knogo, Gateway, 3M, Certus, Dialoc, Tag-it …

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